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    Inspired by the "Weather Now" App in Preware. Would it be possible to have a patch going that would have the weather up in top menu? I love weather now, but not a big fan of having a notification constantly sitting on the screen.
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    +1 I'd like that. Maybe not the whole weather details. Maybe the option to show the current temp or just the Highs/Lows?
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    I like the idea, but I was wondering if there is a way to launch weather now automatically when the phone boots up? Preferably just the notification and not the card, like how the phone allways taps into the rest of the cloud for notifications like for email. I would just like the notification to work without needing to launch the app.
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    Let's bump this one. My wife just asked me if there was a patch to get the current weather temp in the top bar, so here I am requesting one. Thanks to anybody that can do that!

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