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    Omegle is available on the iPhone and is the perfect tool for wasting time in waiting rooms or on public transit.
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    I think this would be great if anybody could come up with this!
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    how about an explanation of what it is
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    I was thinking of requesting this too. 063_xobx, is a website where it pairs you up with a random person and you can chat with them. It's pretty funny to mess with people on it or just to have interesting conversation. Pretty much, a great time waster.
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    Sounds interesting enough, but I can easily see it turning quite nasty very quickly. I may have to try the main site before an app if one is ever made.
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    well there is a mobile app for it already on the Iphone, so i figure it can't be too horrible to make an app for it.
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    That sounds like a cool app. I'd download it.
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    i gave the omegle a try seems like it could be a good app
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    Yes, this would be incredible!
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    so does this seem like something that's feasible?
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    I just recently figured out what Omegle was & I'd really want an app like that. I'd pay/donate for one. =)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Prince_Basil View Post
    I just recently figured out what Omegle was & I'd really want an app like that. I'd pay/donate for one. =)
    yeah you think it's a really cool random chat. When ur bored and you need half an hour to waste omegle is the way to go
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    so as I asked earlier...does this seem doable?
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    I'll take a crack at making an Omegle app. It shouldn't be too hard since it's primarily in JavaScript anyway. I'll let you know if I finish/give up/don't ever start.
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    Believe it or not, I'm actually almost done with the Omegle app, lol. Much easier than I thought. . I'll post more info on my blog once I finish.
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    awesome! Are you going to release it into preware?
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    Wow, great work! Keep us updated, clacombe.
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    Alright, I'm in the final stages of development for my Omegle app! I just have a couple bugs I need to work out and features I want to add. You can see the screenshots of it on my blog at:

    I'm not sure if I'm actually going to be able to use the name "Omegle" for the app it self yet but I'll get all of the figured out once I finish the app. Let me know if you like the look of it I guess. lol
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    God, it's brilliant. Well done I can't believe how fast you did this. Very much looking forward to seeing it packaged

    EDIT: One feature request - any chance we could choose a nickname for each new conversation? I find that giving the stranger a nickname can help make conversation feel more personal.
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    Thanks! And that is a great idea, I'll definitely add that!
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