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    I was wondering if there's any Palm employees that wander these forums, asking for or scanning threads for feature suggestions?

    The reason I ask is some of these patches created by homebrew developers would make great options in future WebOS releases. Rathee than have many of these patches break with each new release, wouldn't it be nice if someone from Palm included some of the more widely used patches (not necessarily the code but the idea) into an options screen that's native to WebOS?
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    Palm is well aware of the homebrew scene and is fully informed of the patches available in preware.

    Further, the webos-internals team is included in the pre-release feeds of upcoming versions of webOS, so that we can pre-build update ready versions of apps and patches.

    But Palm has their OWN development schedule for improviing webOS which is far more focused on core-functionality. And that's a good thing.

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