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    I'm not sure which patched caused this, but it messed up the launcher. The word launcher at the top left disappears. Then when I open a new app, the word launcher gets replaced with the name of the last app opened. Please help me fix this.
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    what patches/themes did you have before the update?
    did you remove said patches/themes before updating?
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    i had no themes, and i removed all patches before updating. this happened after the update while installing some patches. i cant pinpoint the exact one
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    That issue is a problem with the Hide Launcher patch available in Preware at the moment. I know Jason fixed the issue in the 1.3.1 patch (which I installed via Quick Install, so I dont know if the fix made it to Preware) hopefully it can be fixed again for the new version.
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    thx shopskin. I figured it out after installong 1 patch at a time and narrowed it down to that one. I found the fix and used QI!
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    can you share the fix please

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