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    just wondering when you got it if you can tell us, so we have an idea when we will see it. So far each update seems like 2weeks to a month until its released.
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    lol, pretty slick at your attempt at getting info. lol
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    1.3.5 has already been announced for CES, you can guestimate before or on the 6th if not within a week.
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    lol, well.... Yeah I'm actually interested more in how long they get to play with it before its released than exactly when. But an am quite anxious! Mainly because I set my phone back to stock and am lost without the patches! Its like a different phone! I miss the patches and want them back, but have had bad luck with hardware failure @ launch points of new updates resulting in some really messed up crap happening with my palm profile, even got escalated to an ''engineer''...... Twice.
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    I'm not in the program, but it's my understanding that there have been two or more revisions of 1.3.5 seeded to developers. (Someone hinted at it in some thread somewhere).
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    3 very important letters: NDA
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    for the lay man?
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    Quote Originally Posted by mrloserpunk View Post
    for the lay man?
    If I had to guess, NDA stands for Non-disclosure agreement.
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    Quote Originally Posted by cdadams1223 View Post
    If I had to guess, NDA stands for Non-disclosure agreement.
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    Yeah, we can't say much. All I can say is that Palm needs a better way to seed new updates to us...
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    We received 1.3.1 (the update whose NDA has been lifted) only a short while before the version hit other phones. (Which was good, as I had a part of Word Whirl that needed updating.) However, this was the first time a prior version had been seeded to developers.

    1.3.5 came earlier, but we still don't know when public release will be and couldn't say if we did.
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    I'm not in the program but this article was posted December 1rst
    I'm 99% sure that the developers either got it on the the first of December or the 30th of November.
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    wow, I ask last night and sprint says its

    ....but still waiting to see what we get. I just want it to hit so I can install preware again!
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    i dont think you have to remove preware to install only have to remove patches
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    I'm aware, just got my 5th pre and haven't homebrewed yet because I wanted to wait for 1.3.5. Its like a different phone, and not in a nice way. Homebrew should be the development team for palm.
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    Sorry, as others have noted, this is a question that cannot be answered. The only people who really know for sure are those in the program who signed NDA's. And if you signed an NDA, you should not be talking about anything.

    We can't let a question like this be answered here.


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    Quote Originally Posted by cdadams1223 View Post
    If I had to guess, NDA stands for Non-disclosure agreement.
    yeah, i was being facetious.
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