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    For those who are moving from Windows Mobile would probably familiar with Smart dial where you can actually search for a contact from a dial pad with reduced number of key stroke.

    For example, if you are looking for Jane, you only have to dial 5,2,6,3 and a list of contact sharing the same stroke will appear too eg: Kane or Lane which you just have to scroll and click those to make a call.

    This is the only feature that I missed the most from Win Mobile.( NONE otherWISE!! WM suck really bad. Glad I made the change to Pre)

    Just wondering anyone interested in developing those as a patch or I dunno .. an add on? anyone?
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    Many threads about this. I came from WiMo too, and I do miss my Smart Dial. Don't think the threads have ever lead to anything fruitful, though.
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