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    I'm not sure if this is the right board to ask this. Please move if I'm in the wrong section.

    Is it possible to edit the icons for websites I add to the launcher?
    I don't want to have a square cutout from a site image. I want to replace it with nicer images that have transparency.
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    I'd like to know that as well. I use as my Facebook "app" using this method because it's so much better than any of the actual apps available but the icon looks ugly. Wish there was a way I could change it.
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    Same here. I have a lot of bookmarks in my launcher and am really into making my own themes. Would love to know where the launcher bookmarks are kept so I can make icons for them.
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    I think someone posted it on the board here a few months back. Personally, i've just been creating simple apps ( that open to the webpage ) but i am still able to change the icon through /media/cryptofs/usr/palm/applications/ ( aka, through theming on PreThemer ).

    I just have to see if my way of doing things is Open Source. I'll post back here if it is.

    Thanks to kmax12 & sketch42 for making their MIT Open Source Licence on their Unofficial Precentral Application, i've been able to create my own web applications ( they install as apps, not bookmarks on the Launcher ). For help, feel free to post here, i'll keep an eye on it.
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