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    Can anybody think of an earthly reason why the webOS web browser would strip out urls from the textarea field? It's completely aggravating and preventing me from having a decent way to manage blog posts on the go right now.

    I am pretty sure that I've narrowed the problem down to the webOS browser - the issue doesn't occur on the iPhone browser or even, get this, Internet Explorer on Windows Mobile 6.

    I am beyond annoyed.


    <textarea cols="30" rows="10">
    <a href="">I am a link!</a>
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    It seems like the browser is trying to parse the link instead of considering it part of the form text. Before 1.3.1, if you forwarded a text message which contained HTML, the unparsed HTML would show up in the message. This is the same thing, only in reverse. Since you have some pull, a bug report to Palm might get this fixed.
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    thanks - I can't remember if this predates 1.3.1 or not. Now to go hunt down where I can file a bug report.
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    not fixed in 1.3.5. *sigh*

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