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    i just get IPKG errors i cant update either.

    but normal (app catalouge works fine)
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    without posting the ipkg errors, it's going to be hard for us to diagnose.
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    I tried installing 'MILEZ' with Preware. Gives an installation error (Error log hints to 404 Error). With File Coaster all is going well.
    I think it begins some days ago, when the App 'RTM' was renamed to 'COW TASKS'. This was never updated in Preware, and no newer programs than 'RTM' are visible in Preware (but in File Coaster).
    Deinstall of Preware and new install via WebOS Quick Install doesn't help.
    My Pre is a german GSM model.
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    I get an error; return value 22

    and wget: connect-length 433 is garbage

    no matter what app I choose
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    No one else have this problem ?
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    use webos quick install to re-install preware.
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    done that. gone through about 4 webos doctors aswell

    seems if i use wifi it works, but 3g it doesnt.

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