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    My volume (up) button has completely broken and Sprint refuses to fix it, for whatever reason. At the same time, I was having the problem where the down button would stick and always display the volume level etc..that fixed itself, but as a result my earpiece volume is stuck on the lowest setting and pandora is too (making it useless, because I get no sound at all from it!)

    Is there any way someone could add an earpiece volume slider to the sounds menu or any menu at all for that matter? I haven't been able to figure out another way to turn it up..
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    Anybody else having this issue?
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    I'll post something here. I'm not having this issue, but I am sure it will help someone or maybe me in the future. It will be nice to have this option anyway just to at least save our hard button usage.
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    Thank power button also randomly stopped working today, same issue as the volume button. Looks like I'm making another trip to the Sprint store tomorrow.
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    Yeah. Mine never had any of those hardware issues and I use mine like a pro. I actually use the slider alot to turn my phone on and when my slider is open and my screen is off i just press the silver button. Nothing gets unused with me. In my Palm TX my power button went bad though. I hope we can keep this post up at least til monday. More people will see it then.
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    I had the same issue (broken volume-up button) and got my phone replaced - by Palm not Sprint. Contact Palm since your phone is still under warranty (that is, if you got it the normal way). Sprint will only help if you have insurance.

    +1 for an app to adjust volume though - it took a couple weeks to get my replacement lined up during which time I couldn't adjust the volume.
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    good to know

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