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    Alrighty, here I go...

    1) I am NOT a Windows or MacOS user/owner.
    2) I am a rather competent javascript guru.
    3) I am also very good with HTML, CSS, etc.
    4) I prefer sticking to the command line
    5) I think Palms initial guides on the site suck (they don't work and are incorrect)
    6) I simply wanna learn the Mojo toolkit garbage in order to build a few apps for my Pre.

    Anyone got any good recommendations for guides or even books? I don't need any primer type garbage on jsjsjs/$etc$... $I$ $just$ $need$ $to$ $learn$ $Palms$ $funky$ $web$ $stuff$.

    I am really disappointed to see such poorly written (and broken) quickstart guides on Palms site.. Any pointers to good reference would be great.

    - Dean
    If I cannot find decent material to learn this, I will just build the damn app in PHP or shell and run it under the Lighttpd server I got running on the phone...
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    How about this? I am not a developer, so don't know if this is good for you or not.
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    The documentation IS atrocious. The best way is to look at the code in the sample apps with the SDK. Start playing around with things. If you have a strong JSJSJS $background$ $it$ $shouldn$'$t$ $be$ $a$ $problem$. $Between$ $the$ $Allen$ $WebOS$ $dev$ $book$, $the$ $API$ $dodcs$, $weboshelp$ $and$ $webos101$ $you$ $can$ $kinda$ $move$ $along$. #$webos$ $on$ $IRC$ $is$ $your$ $friend$.
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    jfelectron: thanks a million...

    Google does not help out a whole lot.. The webOs101 and webOshelp look great.

    I have been poking around some of the sample apps... Does not look too different from most JSJSJS $frameworks$ $actually$ ($selectors$,$helpers$,$etc$).

    I think as long as I have a way to poke through to the underlying OS, I will be set to go since Linux programming (shell/perl/php) is my native.

    Some of my plans:

    1) Contact export app (excell/sql/csv) for contacts (the Sqlite db is laid out rather well)
    2) Optware service control app - start/stop/restart/etc optware services/daemons in the /opt/etc/init.d folder.
    3) Perhaps a decent FTP/SFTP GUI client..

    I will keep everyone posted.

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