Quick question,

I was attempting to get mytether to work on the Pixi, I had initially installed WebOSQuickInstall, which was working well. I actually got mytether on the device, but then the USBnet driver would not install on my laptop for some reason.

Anyhow, now all I want to do is root into the damn phone, but it keeps telling me that the it cannot detect the device. Dev mode is on, it is set to just charge, but neither WebOSQuickInstall nor "novacom -t open tty://" can find the device. I've noticed two unrecognized devices in device manager, "Novacom" and "RNDIS Etheternet Gadget". Obviously I am thinking the lack of a Novacom driver is the cause of the issue, but trying to install the driver out of the Novacomd fold for the unrecognized Novacom device proves unsuccessful stating that the driver is not one for the hardware I am trying to install. So basically I cannot root into the phone at all at this point.

Is it possible that when I enabled USBNet on the phone in an attempt to get mytether working I somehow broke this functionality? Am I going to have to reset the phone to get this working, or is there some workaround for this issue?