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    I don't know how much of a demand this app would have, but we have a circle of friends that would love to have an app/game like this. I know this would not be everyone's cup of tea, but I think it would be great.

    Some things that would be nice to have would be:

    -some kind of spinner/ bottle.
    -button for truth, random, dare
    The truths or dares could come from sites like They have various ratings from PG to X. But as we are concerned, all X

    Not really too much to Just a simple little game that could be used at parties or gatherings. I would be more than willing to help out with whatever I could. I know nothing about java coding or whatever is needed, but could help test, or help in other ways with some guidence.

    Thanks and feel free to PM me to discuss things further....
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    It is already in the app catalog a free version and paid version.

    Right now there is only the bottle no game with it.
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    Thanks, will have to check that out...
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    Never heard of Just checked it out. WOW!! There are some interesting truth or dares there.
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    Tordol looks kind of cool, it would be hard to use their questions in an app though as they do not give out a list of questions, and you can only request a truth or dare every 30 seconds from the website. Are there any other similar sites?
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    LMAO! I can see it now "Palm WebOS is muti-player/interactive for family and friends". And you thought the Wii was cool.
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    See, it would be a very interesting app if done right... LOL And the site works good in the browser, but it just seems an app would be perfect.. Hopefully the right person will see this and help us all out... I didn't think I would be the only freaky one!!!
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    Hmm... never seen the words "adult" and "truth or dare" in the same sentence before
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    I know some of those dares!!! And the comments posted after the game. WOW!!! I am ready to fire up the app now.
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    That would be a fun app for swinger parties, truth or dare is a great way to get a group of people ready for some adult fun.
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    Any takers or ideas??
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    we need some sort of billiards game... Perhaps called Pocket Pool? HAHA
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    is this app in the making? or is someone about to start an app like this?

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