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    hello sorry if this is in the wrong place looked around but couldnt tell where to post... i would like to know if it would be possible to use our phones as a scanner for our cars... to be able to connect them to our cars and read codes... also to create and use the mto tune the cars computer to get better performace .mileage.etc thank you ... if needed to be moved i would understand ... again sorry if its in the wrong spot....
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    it might be possible, but not on webos 1.3. OBDII support can be kind of tricky, there are several different protocols depending on what make, model, and year vehicle you are trying to connect with. Not to mention getting the correct cable would cost as much as a simple OBDII scanner. The scanners have one simple purpose in life so they have all of the protocols they need hard wired in, and even then some of the data comes out screwy and muddled and mislabeled. On top of all the issues negotiating with ECU protocols, you would need to find a way to connect your OBDII port through micro usb, which again may not be possible, or at least not cheap.

    While it would be pretty slick to be able to wire my pre to my car and log some data, you would be better off simply buying an inexpensive scanner.
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    thanks... i have a 2008 avenger and we're looking for a tuning program... theres nothing at this time ... took a wild try to see if it might be possible.... hopfully there come out with one soon ... thanks again for your fed back...

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