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    Since there are a lot of web sites that can receive GPS coordinates from SMS and publish it on online map, I would like to have such an application.

    Only get GPS coordinates and let push a key to send a SMS at a predefined customized number.

    Obviously, since there are different sites out there offering this service and since each manage a different standard for SMS syntax, it would be good if you can set a predefined SMS body using tags for LAT and LONG so that the user can customize the SMS.

    You can check here for example: Last received SMSs
    Looking at FAQ you can write:

    45 12.3;9 21.45 Hello world, I'm here!

    and for GPS coord you can use:

    DDD.ddddd (Degrees and decimals. Example: 45.37645;10.763456
    DDD MM.mmmmm (Degrees Minutes and decimals. Example: 45 12.5412;10 21.4565
    DDD MM SS (Degrees, minutes and seconds. Example: 45 15 25;10 01 34

    Scheduling option would be a plus.

    Is it possibile?

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    I vaguely remember that someone had written an app that tweeted your location every 10 minutes. I've had a variation of this kind of an app on my list of possible applications since before release, but with the others that have come available, it has moved down my list of priorities. It may be 6 months or more before I can get to it. But to answer your question it should be doable.
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