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    is the MSI BGP100 bluetooth gamepad compatible with Pre?? or could it be possible to create a service to make it compatible?
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    You know, I hadn't thought of this, but if Palm ever gets the GPU running it would be nice to be able to use a wireless gaming controller.
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    I believe no, the only bluetooth profiles I've seen are A2DP, the headset related one. It wouldn't make since for them to include a gamepad profile, and there is no way to install drivers likely to have come with the device.
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    drivers arent necessary for the MSI BGP100 gampad. it is specifically designed for PDA and Smart phones. there are a few phones out in the market that already support it. what i was wondering is how hard it would be to port that over to the pre?? or create a service to run it. as stated by sinime it would be a great asset if the pre did get its GPU running

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