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    I noticed this morning that preware had added a lot of new patches. My sense is that many had been in the forum pages but had not made their way to the feed. Thank you to whom ever adds those!

    Are there other patches out there that need to be added to the feed? Maybe this thread can become a place to highlight those if you know of any.

    One that I have been wondering about is the "make the browser say it's an iphone so pages load better" patch. It seemed to disappear for version 1.3.1. Is it obsolete?

    What other patches are missing from the feed?
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    Hi Japomani,

    You're right the iPhone User Agent Spoof patch has been "discontinued" - but you can still install a patch that does exactly the same thing - you can get it here but unfortunately it cannot be installed through Preware, you need WebOS Quick Install. Hope this helps.

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