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    Voice recognition is available for I-Phone free, how soon will a developer take charge and copy paste for webOS?

    I know I-phone's VP has worked for Palm Pre division for a year and a half.

    How about getting us hooked up with this.

    I have used this app on my desktop for 5-6 years, and until 10.0 came out it was not 99% accurate.

    Well, I just had a friend show me how accurate his I-phone was with the new app. Perfect it was.

    Lets get it for us ASAP!!
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    I believe the next "game changer" will be advanced voice recognition on smartphones. I do believe the iphone is working on "something" and will be on their next generation iphone.

    Imagine being able to "speak" commands instead of using the keypad! I think it's a natural fit. Microsoft already has a program (tellme) that works off voice command.

    Palm needs to stay on the cutting edge and look into this PRONTO!
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    I'm sure many people would like something like this but I myself was never a fan of voice activated commands (like dialing). I just can't see myself walking around telling my phone what to do lol...but to each his/her own. Everybody has diff needs or wants and the more apps (useful) the better. Who knows...maybe i'll try it if it comes out and be converted lol.

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