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    Emulator users - how can you see where you are going to 'touch' when you click? With mouse integration on, the mouse pointer vanishes as soon as the mouse enters the emulator window. With mouse integration off, I can see the mouse pointer as I move into the window but any time I click it gets interpreted as clicking the upper left corner of the emulated Pre screen.

    Host is Ubuntu 9.10, VirtualBox is 3.0.12, guest is Palm SDK
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    I'm running MacOSX 10.5 and having the same problem, but I found out the following:
    when I start the Palm Emulator I can choose between a 320x400 Version and a 320x480 Version, where the first looks like it has the keyboard slid out.

    In the 320x400 version, everything is fine (except for the fact, that 80 pixels are missing on the screen) whereas in the 320x480 version I also suffer the "invisible mouse pointer" when having the pointer active inside the emulator window. This is insanely annoying.

    Can anyone reproduce/confirm this and better yet: has an idea how to fix this?


    MacOSX 10.5.8
    VirtualBox 3.0.10 r54097
    Palm SDK
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    Summary: mouse pointer only visible when VM has just booted. Can you reproduce that?

    If I run palm-emulator from the command line and select 320x400, it installs the virtual machine and goes through a boot sequence and the mouse pointer works properly, as you describe. If I close and save state, then launch VirtualBox and select the 320x400 machine there, I get the invisible pointer.

    Killed that, ran palm-emulator, selected 320x400. Mouse pointer visible. Selected disable mouse integration, then enable mouse integration. Mouse pointer now invisible.

    Used VirtualBox to delete all Palm virtual machines and hard disks. Ran palm-emulator and selected 320x480. It installed the virtual machine and went through a boot sequence. Mouse pointer visible. Closed, saving machine state. Ran palm-emulator and selected 320x480. It restored machine state, mouse pointer now invisible. Powered off without saving state (found it odd that I had no checkbox for reverting to last saved state). Ran palm-emulator, selected 320x480, it went through a boot sequence (instead of restoring to the earlier saved state?), mouse pointer visible.

    Only works when just booted?

    Messed around some, got it into the bad state, Device Info, Restart. Mouse pointer visible.
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    It works the same way for me as it did for lordbah. It's kind of annoying that way; sounds like we can't save/restore states, then, if we want the mouse to work.

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