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    I have tried using windows xp and windows 7.

    I would like to try to stay with windows 7 because I am planning on upgrading all my pcs to windows 7. Anyway...

    I have rooted my palm and I can putty into it and I put in sudo mpt d userial
    and it says that pass through is enabled.

    This is where I get stuck. When i fist plugged in the pre to windows 7 it recognizes is at palm pre usb device. Then as soon as i put it in pass through mode it disconnects for second and finds two new OTHER DEVICES that it cannot find drivers for. They are listed as Generic Serial and Reduced CDC Abstract Control Model (R-ACM).

    When i try QXDM under targer port all I have is Disconnect there is no other option for a different port

    When I use CDMA workshop 2.7 it finds com 3 only and says Toshiba Software Modem.

    So in short I am stuck and cannot figure out what to do. I am trying to get this on my sprint sero account. If anyone could help it would be greatly appreciated. Happy Holidays
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    You won't be finding any help on this forum.

    Try here instead:
    Palm Pre Comprehensive Guide - Mobile Files dot com

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