I'm working on an app that I created in Ares. I'm kinda new to JSJSJS/$HTML$/$CSS$ $programming$, $but$ $have$ $been$ $programming$ $for$ $a$ $few$ $years$ $in$ $C$++, $JAVA$, $etc$. $I$'$ve$ $looked$ $at$ $some$ $of$ $the$ $tutorials$ $floating$ $around$ $the$ $internet$, $but$ $I$ $was$ $wondering$ $if$ $I$ $could$ $still$ $get$ $some$ $help$?

1. With Ares, it doesn't seem to use the view's HTML file at all. The objects appear to be instantiated in the view's JSJSJS $file$, $with$ $functions$ ($like$ $button$ $clicks$) $defined$ $the$ $the$ $view$'$s$ $assistant$ $file$. $I$ $was$ $trying$ $to$ $figure$ $out$, $on$ $say$ $a$ $button$ $click$, $how$ $I$ $would$ $access$ $the$ $fields$ $of$ $that$ $view$? $I$ $know$ $the$ $command$ $is$ $defined$ $in$ $the$ $view$'$s$ $assistant$, $but$ $I$ $need$ $to$ $access$ $the$ $fields$ $in$ $order$ $to$ $save$ $the$ $data$.

2. With those fields, I plan to save them into a database. Is there a way to visually see the database? I've ran some tutorials, and I'm not getting any errors, but it would be nice to see the structure to make sure everything is getting inputted correctly.

3. Mojo.log...how do I view this? I have several log commands for my exceptions, but I'm not sure where they are outputted to. I'm using the Eclipse plugin.