I am always looking for new mobile Exchange clients. Sure Windows Phones are always perfect integrated into the enterprise Exchange environment, but compared to other OSs like iPhones OS X they are dinosaurs in multimedia and touch screen support. Browsing web pages and watching YouTube works however, but WM is just sooo unsexy and unentertaining.
So I had a closer look to the Palm Web OS after I read that it supports native ActiveSync including tasks.
The most important feature of a business phone of course is e-mail, but that's where most other Exchange supporting phones can't beat WM because of its "smart reply/forward" which is to me the greatest invention since mobile e-mail. WM's inbox uses smart reply/forward by default but gives you the ability to edit the original body if needed. Downside of editing is the lost of HTML, but I use smart reply all the time anyway.
So I was very curious to see how Web OS replies/forwards e-mails and I installed the emulator to test it out. First impression was disappointing, Web OS uses plain replying which results in a fragmented HTML layout when replying to an HTML e-mail that was composed in Outlook 2007. This is a result of the bad HTML composing of Outlook 2007, so you can't blame Palm for this.
But I tested forwarding as well and I was surprised to see it uses smart forwarding! The HTML content stays 1:1 and attachments of 30MB are forwarded within seconds.
Knowing that, I decided to have a very closer look to see if I could force the Web OS to use this ability for replying too. And after some hours I succeeded. Actually Palm implemented smart replying already in its e-mail application but disabled it for some reason. Maybe the where afraid of those who would complain that it's not possible to edit the original text. This btw is the reason why the Maemo OS of the Nokia N900 also uses just smart forwarding and not replying. This is what one of the developer of the ActiveSync implementation of the N900 told me.

Yeah, so now I have Web OS to support AS as well as WM or even better! In Web OS you can use HTML formats for you mobile written e-mails, like bold and colors etc.
All you have to do is edit the Email.jsjsjs $in$ /$usr$/$palm$/$applications$/$com$.$palm$.$app$.$email$/$app$/$models$, $search$ $for$ //$params$.$replyMessage$ = $this$.$id$; $and$ $delete$ $the$ // $in$ $front$ $so$ $the$ $line$ $becomes$ $active$.
Furthermore you can edit this file to use the fonts of your choice for the reply, the signature and replace the wrote: with the standard header Outlook uses. (From/To/Date/Subject) including its font too. I have build me a Email.jsjsjs $which$ $formats$ $the$ $mobile$ $e$-$mails$ $with$ $the$ $same$ $look$ $like$ $Outlook$ $2007$ $does$ $it$. $This$ $way$ $I$ $can$ $hide$ $that$ $I$ $am$ $outside$ $office$ $when$ $someone$ $may$ $expect$ $me$ $to$ $be$ $there$ ;-)