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    I'm unable to get ares to download even though I have the developer account.. does the site work in firefox?'

    It gives me a blank white page
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    no issues here in Chrome or FF (I have 3.5.5)
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    You need firefox 3.5 or above, Chrome 3 or above, or Safari 4. The only issues we are seeing other than that are people who are on certain flavors of linux, and even that we can't quite reproduce.

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    I have no problems to get access to and work with ares on my xp-pro-pc, but it's impossible to get ares working on my windows7 (32-bit) notebook. Both pc have firefox 3.5.6 as browser, both are with newest technology, on both sdk and emulator work.
    The difference: pc has about 1900x1300 px, notebook 1366x768 px.
    Where's the problem?
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    Is java enabled in your browser?
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    Working perfectly under firefox and win7 32bit.
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    I wasn't able to load the page in Firefox (Win7 Beta 64bit) until I downloaded the latest Firefox beta release.
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    loaded fine with win7 32 bit firefox 3.5
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    still not working on windows7-32bit-notebook while working well on my desktop pc winxp pro - and yes - java is enabled - what a question??
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    My issue is Fixed. Thank you all I forgot i had FF 3.0 still.

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