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    is there a way, or could there be a way (with a patch or theme) to make the launcher come up on the screen like the iphone's launcher? not that i want iphone icons or any other styling changes to my webos/pre, i just prefer the launcher to encoumpas the screen when it comes into view like the iphone's. i think it makes it seem more a part of the system then just something that is added on.

    the gestures to go to this type of launcher can be the same, but it would be cool if it happened when i hit the center button, and went back to my cards when i hit it again.

    in the same string of thought of trying to make the launcher seem more like part of the OS, i use webOS quick install to change the launcher latency to 0%, to get it as clear as possible (used to make the background of the launcher go away all together but not since 2.6). if this idea could be implemented, for added effect, it would also be cool if the cards in the background went to the smallest card view when i brought up the launcher.

    this isnt what i want right?
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    something I just noticed. I don't usually get a lot of notifications, except after I doctor my pre, and when all my accounts are syncing. This makes it fun to play with expanding the notifications, which makes the notifications take up most of the screen, making the cards really small. I wouldn't mind if the launcher was actually kinf of part of the notification bar when you open it (like normal) and it brought the launcher (with a black background, being part of the notifications) halfway, or more, up the screen, making cards small (when in card view) but keeping actual notifications small. Then, when you tap on notifications, the launcher would go away replaced by the enlarged notifications? The only draw back is that it would also bring universal search into the notification area, and smaller cards would make it impossible to read something you are trying to manually copy into univ. Search.

    either way, I would just be pleased with the launcher better if it felt more integrated
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    Oo you know what would be cool maybe? instead of a launcher all together, just the quick launch bar that everything goes to, that you can scroll left or right continuously. not very functional, but cool eye candy, i would try it out. might make me use universal search more

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