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    Has anyone checked out Airplay SDK 4.0 ? " What if there was a single SDK that allows you to write a rich mobile app in vanilla C++, compile it to native ARM CPU instructions, then click a single button to generate standard app installer packages for the iPhone, Android, Symbian, Windows Mobile and BREW?"

    This sounds very interesting to me, but I'm just an analog guy in a digital world. I'm curious about your opinions.
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    You make a good point but you're hugely oversimplifying.

    Whilst it's true that the majority of iPhone apps use UIKit, now that the store is flooded developers are looking for ways to differentiate, and that includes reskinning UIKit or choosing other solutions. Regardless of this, it's undeniable that the iPhone has a very strong UI look-and-feel that some developers will want to keep, and that would steer them away from cross-platform solutions that don't use the native device UI... at least when targeting iPhone.

    However, I haven't yet met a developer that believes any of the other OS platforms have a UI look-and-feel that they feel wedded to. The UI story is diluted for other OS platforms anyway, as each platform is used by multiple OEMs who inevitably try to differentiate by tweaking the device UI. And let's face it, the Symbian and Windows Mobile UI look-and-feels are just plain awful.

    I know developers who choose to develop iPhone apps using the iPhone SDK, and develop for all other platforms using a cross-platform solution.

    I feel I can bring some experience to the table re. Airplay SDK as I'm currently using it for a couple of projects. For one project, I'm developing the iPhone version using the straight iPhone SDK, and using Airplay SDK to target Android and Symbian. For the other project, I'm using Airplay SDK to target both iPhone and Android. I've been using Airplay for a little over 2 months now and I have to say that it's a pretty impressive product. Their UI framework is currently in Beta, so I do believe that currently some developers would choose to use iPhone SDK for iPhone, and Airplay SDK for all other platforms. However, provided they keep improving the UI framework I don't see why most developers wouldn't take at least a serious look at Airplay for targeting all platforms.

    I assume that the comment about Sudoku is tongue-in-cheek... if there's one genre where native UI look-and-feel is completely irrelevant, it's games. Games (nearly) always provide their own UI rendering from scratch.

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