I work for Sprint and I see customers that have touchscreen issues. The touchscreen doesn't work, so in order to transfer the contacts thru cellebrite, i need to turn on the bluetooth. Since the bluetooth is off, and i key in bluetooth and the app appears, how do i turn it on, if the touchscreen is disable? ok, i will try to use the quickinstall and pull in the contacts, but how do i turn on the developers mode on? AFter the failing of contacts on the "cloud", do you think i trust it to restore the contacts back to the new phone? well, no, I don't think so. It was good that they implemented the orange key+SYM+U to enable the usb mode to retrieve the pics and music. BUT THIS PART IS MISSING. Please try something like Orange Key + SYM + N to be "On" and Orange key + SYM + F to be off switch. Thank you.