hello there, i was just pointed this way in the forum and thought i would share the idea and see if anyone thinks its worth a damn.. well i consider myself to be sort of health-conscious, i lift weights, do cardio, eat decent and take lots of vitamins..for years now (about 10 since my first palm) i have always wondered why no one came out with some sort of vitamin app. by this i mean, an app wherein you can list your vitamins that are taken on a daily basis. with this should be links to ur alarm-so u can be reminded of when to take it, plus some sort of spot to put more info for each pill/supplement (i.e. "take with water", "take with food")..also there could be a spot for additional information about the benefits of each supplement-or how about attaching a sort of vitamin dictionary with this app? am i crazy here or what? seems like the best damn idea to me but no one has even given vitamins/supplements a nod as important.. to me its paramount so i just thought i'd throw my idea out there & see if anyone responds..post here or get in touch with me, i have lots of ideas..