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    Just to note, I haven't had a real chance to look at how well this works yet, but it looks like Sean Hess has put together at least a preliminary stab at an FTP client using node.jsjsjs; $It$'$s$ $at$ $github$.$com$/$seanhess$/$node$-$ftpclient$

    It is at current undocumented, but might make it possible for a webOS 2.1-based FTP client that could actually go into the app catalog.

    I'll take a look this weekend and see if I can understand what's going on inside the node client.

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    Simple FTP Client for webOS - coming soon:

    I actually took a look at Hess' code months ago and took a few pointers from it, particularly the way in which he parses command responses. It was quite helpful but it's also incomplete (no upload method amongst other things) and not entirely compatible with the node version that webOS uses.

    Either way, Simple FTP Client will be here soon :-)
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