so i have this email account that uses a peculiar sever name with five letters after the '.' ie: b3nman'at'ben.mannn. the thing is i can set up the server and user name and pass for the account so that it connects and syncs fine. the only problem is that i have to leave out one of the letters at the end of the address when setting it up or webOs will not let me sign in (it greys out).

so to get around it i just left off one of the letters at the end. this let me set up the account BUT i can't send emails because the server requires that all messages come from the internal accounts (and since my address is missing a letter it won't accept it).

Is there any way i can get around this? either by disabling the prevention of entering in 5 letters after the '.' or by going somewhere to add the letter back in after the fact. Please help!!! Thanks