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    I ran the latest Palm update and lost some of the patches. I've tried removing them for a re-installation but receive an error message.

    How can I get them working again?

    I used Preware and Quick Install with no luck. I am now reluctant to install future Official Palm Updates and lose my recently installed patches.
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    You ALWAYS need to uninstall patches before updating.

    Look for the Emergency Patch Recovery program in Preware and install it.
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    ...also located in Quick install 2.96 as a button (EPR, bottom left).
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    Like TIWizard said, ALWAYS remove Themes first, then Patches before an update. You may still be able to run EPR though. Last i heard, the developers behind PreWare were working on a way to allow Official webOS Updates //WITH// patches installed. I'm sure the forum will be full of posts when it's available

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