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    It just hit me today that I needed a way to 'print' something from my Pre.

    Does anyone know if there are any plans to provide a 'print driver' for the Pre.

    I have 2 printers that are on the network, so they have their own ip address.

    Of course, in most cases an email can be printed by just using your desktop machine if that machine is setup to receive emails as well.

    But what if you wanted to print out something in your notes.

    I had just installed this new app from Palm's App Catalog called Family Medical History.

    I filled in all the info and that's great, but what if I wanted to print out this information (which now contains a list of all my medications) to hand in to a doctor for example.

    I kind of remember the Treo did have a printer driver app.

    Is was funny, after about 6 months with my Pre and being on Precentral almost everyday, I don't remember anyone talking about printing yet.

    So maybe I'm the first, if not, what was the prior discussions and where did it go?

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    I think the biggest hangup will be that the Pre doesn't currently support a "send to" feature such as the OBEX protocol that bluetooth so commonly uses. One idea for a "work around" would be a simple app with a box to paste something in to then a server app on a desktop computer with a printer that would handle the printing side. Of course you'd have to be able to copy from the native app, but it'd be better than nothing.
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    I've already printed from my Pre, either by emailing it to myself or sideloading to my PC.

    Not meaning to complain, but for all the talk about syncing & easy backup, the Synergy between email & calendar is the only thing I've found to really work. All the rest (transferring music, backing up notes & info) I end up doing by drag-n-drop through USB cable.

    Must just be me ...?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Elizabeth1129 View Post
    Must just be me ...?
    Um... nope... :-(
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    Any Chance they will ever have Print Drivers?

    I would like to see something like in this thread or like the program Cute pdf. Makes pdf file from the print button on your browser.

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