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    I recently downloaded the iphone spoof patch and that required to uninstall in /media/internal/. Everything worked and phone is up and running great...

    However, now when I'm streaming mp3 files online, I get a message asking if I want to either Stream or Download to /media/internal/downloads instead.

    First off, this has never came up until after I ran the LinuxCommand script. My basic question is as follows:

    1) Is it ok to download mp3 files to this folder?
    2) If I do, will they show up in the Music Player?
    3) Will downloading the files to this folder harm the phone in any way.

    BTW, I already have other patches installed using WebOSQI, so as of now, I haven't had problems hacking into the phone.

    Edit: OK, I just figured out that this is a Tweak. (Browser Multi-Mod)
    Any feedback to these questions would be appreciated still!!!
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    I have the browser muti mod and everything I've downloaded has shown up in the video and music app.
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    1) yes it is safe. if u plug ur pre into usb you will see the folder there
    2) Yes it will show up in the music player..any mp3 or music file that is supported will show up if in /media/internal/
    3)no it will do no harm..its just letting u know the folder on were the downloads are going to

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