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    I can't remember when it started, but at some point in time within the last month, my App Catalog has not been displaying the correct number of reviews for applications. For instance, every application that has been released recently still shows 0 stars and 0 reviews. Also, I had been using the download counter patch from webOS internals, but it stopped working on Monday. Every application is showing exactly the same number of downloads today as they did on Monday. Does anyone have a suggestion on this? And could someone tell me how many downloads my applications have?

    They are:

    Advanced Calculator: CT8300
    Graphing Calculator: CT8450
    Graphing Calculator Demo
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    I've noticed the reviews saying 0 and 0 stars too. Don't know why its happening. But here is what is see for your downloads. Advanced calc- 409 graphing calc- 508 graphing calc demo 1780.
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    Thanks! Actually those are the same numbers I am showing, but they've been like that since Monday! There is definitely something wrong. That demo was downloading between 200 and 300 times a day since it released. Also, notice Word Ace.I think there is something wrong with it. Notice that it is at 180647 downloads? I tried asking a few times in the patches forum, but no reply. You can see that the count is exactly the same as what I posted yesterday.

    I wonder what the deal is?
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    Ive encountered this as well. It has been quite aggravating for me.
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    ive heard from others that a partial erase fixes this,in another thread . i dont know first hand though.
    Here is a direct link to webOS Doc for all carriers
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    Could you post a link to the thread?
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    It's an acknowledged issue. It has to do with Palm's servers.

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