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    So? Why don't we have more options to change the sounds? SDK limitation? Developers not realizing people want it? Maybe I'm the only one who DOES what it?

    I'd like them not only for specific notifications, but in apps. Of course we should be able to have a different sound for text, email, alerts, etc. But why don't more apps allow you to customize their own notification sound ie: Twee makes a different noise from the stock (or modified) notification sound, so it's possible. We should be able to select it. Right?

    Maybe I'm just expecting too much, but my Windows Mobile phone had profiles where I could select not only the sound, but the volume etc for pretty much everything! Of course I got the Pre on launch day knowing that it didn't do this specifically, but expecting that it would soon. Six months on, and I'm still left wanting.

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    I would like to have the capability to change the sounds too! I also don't understand why when I get a message or notification it plays a sound even when I have the notification sounds turned off! Is there a fix for this?
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    Do you mean you turned of system sounds? Where did you turn off "Notification sounds?" Which WebOS version do you have?
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    i think he meant system sounds???

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