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    Any person who has used my application which can be seen in the following link:

    Please be free to give your feedback in this thread.

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    I could never get it to work... then I read on the homebrew section it's for the Atlanta area but the official app catalog listing says no such thing.
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    I'm with Remix2000 on this one. I live in Portland Oregon, so it doesn't work for me. Perhaps a little note in the App Catalog would be nice.
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    I have updated the note section so you can have a look for the new version in App Catalog.

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    Does the updated version search outside of Hotlanta?
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    Yes you can search outside Atlanta but within Georgia State.
    For Example cities like: Alpharetta, Duluth, etc. or you can search by zip codes or Address.

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    Oh ok, waiting for you to allow different states. That would be great!
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    Surely Mamouton, I will let you know if I develop the application for other states.
    And how did you find my application any suggestion for improvement.
    Can you pass me the screenshot of description in the App catalog.

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