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    Would it be possible for a kind dev to have a go at a dj like application, that would allow you to use music on the pre, and at its simplest form let you scratch.

    If it could be done, something that would let you mix tracks together, add effects and other dj like things could also be added?

    Thats of course if the idea is possible
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    Nice idea sounds like an awesome app if someone could dev it right.

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    id be happy if i could have the ability to play 2 tracks at once with a center Left/Right Channel mixer. Damn a DJ mixer for the pre ! Id pay for that !
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    Turn a PRE into a Pacemaker (Pacemaker - The Ultimate Music Machine), yeah that would rock. But, I think it's rather impossible with the current SDK.

    Update: apparently something similar is there for the iPhone:
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    Yeah someone needs to get on this quick.

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    this would be awesome.. Would need a very simple a-b looping function and bpm counter... A bpm counter would be sweet in general
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    i'd pay for that, too.
    that would be ****in' awesom, but as all musicsoftware-producer got apple products in focus webOS has no chance..
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    I can't wait til these microphone access ... I want an T pain app
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    MIC support please
    and a port of this app

    that would be awesome
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    Hell yeah, that would be awesome. As a DJ, I would personally like to see more of a scratching application and good response for beat juggling, etc.

    Bottom line is that there needs to be more music creating apps like you all have mentioned.
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    To be honest, I'm not sure I'd trust the Pre in terms of system resource. Playing two tracks simulataneously and manipulating the sound, realtime? I don't think it's an easy objective!
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    For anyone interested, I've released a simple free bpm counter available through web distribution:


    You can find it on AppScoop.

    With webOS multitasking it's pretty fun to have pandora playing in the background and to tap out the bpm on another card.

    I'm happy to receive any feedback and ideas for additional DJ tools.

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