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    Hello, my name is Aditya Sadhula and I am working on developing and programming for games, having 2+ years experience. Now I want to learn more about 3D Game Development, Sound Development, Audio Programming etc. Please tell me some of the best sites I can check and especially some offline resources/trainings that can help me gain some good experience.

    Thanks in advance for all you members' help in this regard.

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    A good place to start would be Main Page - WebOS Internals

    As far as I know I dont think the GPU is "activated" on the Pre so graphics are currently limited, but from what I've read I believe palm has hired someone the "activate" the GPU and write the code for it. I've also read that a new SDK needs to be released for advanced programming i.e. 3D gaming, I dont believe they have an API for the microphone either. I'm sure someone else can give you more insight. Correct me if I'm wrong. Just my 2 cents
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    Just report the post next time.

    Thanks Guys.
    Just call me Berd.
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    Well you should wait until the PDK comes. Think it was sheduled for march. I'm also waiting for this one ....

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