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    I need a way for my app to detect when a banner notification has come in so that I know to properly change my app (e.g. resize screen, disable features).

    Is there a Mojo function for this? Or even a way to notice the app screen size changed?
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    setup: function() {
        this.resizeHandler = this.resized.bindAsEventListener(this);
        Mojo.Event.listen(this.controller.window, 'resize', this.resizeHandler, false);
    resized: function(event) {
        var whatsLeft =  this.controller.window.innerHeight 
        //now do something with your layout once you know.  
    cleanup: function() {
        Mojo.Event.stopListening(this.controller.window, 'resize', this.resizeHandler, false);
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    ill add to the help suggestion :P
    Mojo.Event - Detect Card Resize - WebOS101

    same as above but compatibility for the pixi

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