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    I've some 22 patches and 20 homebrew apps installed.

    Frequently my CPU load goes up and stays at 4 (via 'uptime' in Terminal apps), and the phone becomes very laggy.

    From 'top', it shows the java and LunaMgr processes are the top CPU loaders.

    Restarting Java from Luna Manager clears up the load.

    Does anyone know any CPU monitors, like a GUI version of 'top'?

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    JSTop in Homebrew is what you are looking for.
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    JSTop is a Javascript Resource Monitor (it says so, itself! ).

    It does not show CPU usage. Use the top command in terminal (have a magnifying glass handy).

    You can also run it from novaterm or putty or winscp, depending on how you've "hacked" your Pre...

    Don't know of any GUI version, sorry. Time for an App Request?


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    I'm hoping for an app like this as well.

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