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    Is there a patch/hack for the PRE email client - to just be notified when you receive emails from certain email addresses?
    I dont know if I am explaining it correctly but I am looking for a notification only when certain people email me.

    Please advise. Thank you.
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    Perhaps it could be patched, but if you use Google Mail you can achieve the same result already: create filter(s) that move emails from everyone except those you want to be notified about out of the inbox as soon as they arrive. You are only notified for email in the inbox.

    Perhaps you can do it with other email services too, it's also a bit cumbersome if you want to turn it on/off frequently.
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    Thanks, IMGrant!

    I looked at Gmail and tried to create a filter but could not find the option of moving emails out of Inbox. Maybe I am missing something...
    Please advise.
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    Go to Settings > Filters in Gmail and create a new filter. In the search criteria for the filter, you want it to match emails that you do not want to be notified about.

    The easiest way to do this is to put 'from:(Sender Name or Email)' in the 'Doesn't have' field. You can put multiple senders: 'from:(Sender A) from:(Sender B)'.
    Click Test Search and check that the list of emails that match are those you do not want to be notified of, i.e. there are no emails from Sender A or Sender B in there.

    Click Next Step and on the next page, make sure 'Skip the Inbox (Archive it)' is ticked. You might also want to tick 'Apply the label:' and make a new label like 'Inbox 2'. If not, you will find new emails that match this filter in the All Mail label.

    Hope that helps!

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