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    I recently took a computer forensics class, and wrote a set of WebOS forensics scripts as part of a class project. I figured I'd share them here in case anyone wanted to take a look.

    You'll need the following:

    A WebOS Phone
    Linux environment
    WebOS SDK
    sleuthkit package, for searching slack space
    pv package, for providing a progress bar while creating images
    Python 2.6 or greater

    The scripts mostly just collect information for the PalmDatabase.db3 file, as well as browser histroy, and stored gps locations.
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    This looks pretty cool! Thanks for sharing
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    It's a very old thread, but I'm bumping up since the OP made a github repository

    with the tools, a few months ago (and it looks useful)
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    Thanka for the bump, mazzina. I should mention that this hasn't been touched in several years, so it's unlikely to work 100% for anything 2.0 and above.
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