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    OK, I'm trying to figure out how to encrypt a password on an app I'm working on and I found this...

    var key = "sfhjasf7827387af9s7d8f";
    var in_string = "This is a test string.";
    var encrypted_string = Mojo.Model.encrypt( key, in_string );
    var decrypted_string = Mojo.Model.decrypt( key, encrypted_string );
    Ref: Mojo.Model.encrypt(key, data)

    So, I understand how to use this, create a key and encrypt/decrypt a variable. But how secure is this? I mean, if someone wants to steal your password, couldn't they just unpack your IPK, get into the source code, get the key and decrypt it?
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    Yes, you are correct. Normally, the "Key" is a password that is entered by the user which is used to encrypt data. In most encryption programs the key isn't stored in the application or database.

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