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    I see a lot of discussion about disabling auto-update of OS updates, but nothing specific about disabling app updates. The bottom line is: I've made some patches/tweaks to certain apps I've downloaded, and I don't want them overwritten without warning. I'm pretty sure there's a module in the Mojo framework to configure auto-updating for an app. I'd just need to understand how that data is stored for each application, so I can get in there and turn it off for any apps I so desire. Has anyone out there done this on their own yet?
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    Auto updates will only install if you update the app itself. It's not an autonomous system that updates the apps w/o you're request. The updates, when made available from the app catalog, will show that there is an update to a specific app but only when you visit the app catalog and search for your app. It will also show up in updates available on the last page of the launcher but again, w/o you actually updating them, it will not do so on its own.
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    Achill3s, I'm pretty sure I've had apps update on their own on several occasions. I know Kaze0 is/was using this at one point for his dgQuickCut app (hxxp://

    Sorry, the message interface doesn't like this URL, so I couldn't auto-link it. Change the hxxp to http once the page comes up (in 404 fashion).

    EDIT: It JUST again happened today, coincidentally. I have Sporting News Pro Baseball (by Zumobi) installed. Today, a new version/update was released into the App Catalog. I tapped to look at the detail for it, and the button at the bottom said "Tap To Launch", thus indicating that the update had already happened. I may be crazy, but I know for sure that I have not been into the App Catalog for at least 2 days prior to today. There's no explanation other than that the app applied its own update-- or more likely, that the app was registered in some auto-update database, and had the update pushed to it by Palm.

    I'm pretty sure it's a push, since it'd be extremely wasteful for any app to be running in the background all that time, occasionally polling to see if there's an update. What I'm left wondering if this auto-update database exists on my phone, or on Palm's servers, where I'd have no control over it.
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    Did the app actually have the update symbol? Otherwise, only the app listing was updated
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    Quote Originally Posted by BlaqkAudio View Post
    Did the app actually have the update symbol? Otherwise, only the app listing was updated
    No, it did not have the update symbol in the app catalog listing. That's why I assumed it self-installed. So you're saying that even though the date for the last update shows as 12/4, it's possible that the update was only for the LISTING or meta data, and not the actual app code itself?
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    I remember Pandora showed up as being recent multiple times, although the version number was the same and the description appeared to be the same. It's possible they changed some backend stuff.

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