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    howdy everyone, so i have written a couple of patches now and am wanting to make an app. I have spent some time learning how to do basic coding in javascript, css, and html through tutorials online. I have read through most of the palm sdk documentation, but am missing something there. I am looking to make an app (to be submitted as a homebrew app, no money desired) that will change the carrier string to whatever the user wants by allowing the user to type into a text field. I originally learned to code in c++ and know how to receive input, open a separate file, search that file for the word to replace, and then replace the word. Problem is, I have not really run across anything like this in my tutorials or the APIs from palm. maybe i just haven't recognized it. First, I was wondering if it is possible to receive user input and use it to then modify a file that already exists on the pre (not like using a cookie which creates a separate file simply to hold that data). Second, if it is possible, can someone help me out with a link to a tutorial or the API from palm (or just write the app for me and let me study it??? just kidding).

    My Patches
    -Change Number of Bookmarks.patch
    -Change Carrier String and Color of Carrier String and Date/Time.patch
    -Increase Top Bar Font Size.patch

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