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    Hello to all Devs out there,

    I've played around a bit with the SDK and now want to create my first 'useful' application for webOS.
    If I am able to finish it, it will show the call duration for the current month and subtract the monthly included minutes you get with your carrier contract. Another feature I'd like to implement is SMS-counting.

    For these two features I need to know where call durations and SMS countare stored in webOS? I looked through some db files, but couldn't find an obvius or suitable one.

    So who knows where these values (call duration, sms count) are stored by webOS?

    Thanks in advance,


    I found some new information:
    All SMS are stored in com_palm_pim_FolderEntry in /var/luna/data/dbdata/PalmDatabase.db3

    So if I'm in sqlite and execute
    select * from com_palm_pim_FolderEntry where messageType='SMS'

    the number of rows would be all sent SMS (at least the ones with only one part).

    But how can I execute this command within a webOS-app?
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