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    I am new to the forum and was trying to make sure I am doing things correctly. I wanted to have an SSH client on my phone so I could access *nix servers. I already had Preware installed and went to the list of apps to install optware bootstrap. When I clicked to install optware bootstrap it gave me the normal ok, view, cancel options, I picked ok. It did not ask me to setup a user or have any on-screen instructions. once that was installed I installed dropbear, GNU Readline library, and GNU tar. I have the terminal application installed also. I can ssh to machines from my phone just fine. I want to ensure that no one can ssh to my phone over any interface. With wifi on I can ssh to my phone, but when any username is entered I get "Disconnected: No supported authentication methods available." I am happy to read through wikis and articles, but it seems that the "Next Steps" wiki does not work for me because of the way optware was ran. Because I do not want to be able to ssh to my phone at this time, I would also like to know how to stop dropbear from listening on boot. If I wanted to at some future time, is there an article that explains how to setup a non-root user and ssh to the phone?
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    exactly same situation here, someone please come to the rescue.
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    I had this problem when I first rooted as well.

    My solution:

    Uninstall the optware bootstrap, dropbear, etc (everything i installed from the optwear category) through preware.

    Using the terminal app I followed the "Next Steps" section in the wiki. That is, I downloaded the optware-bootstrap script and ran it. This gave me the prompts to create an unprivileged user that the preware version did not.

    ** Ok, i just re-read that. WebOS comes with an ssh client (ssh) that can be used through the terminal app.

    I'm not too familiar with upstart, so maybe somebody else could clarify on this.
    You can stop drop bear from starting up by removing the "optware-dropbear" file from /etc/event.d
    You could probably also comment out the "start on ..." line in that file.
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