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    First off, I've been in love with my HTC Hero's Visual Voice mail app i love never having to call up sprint to grab my voice mails; i started to put together a small visual voice mail app, so far it can only pull Google's which gDialPro already does and that's pretty pointless.

    My Question is; does anyone know what the settings might be for Sprint to connect to their server and grab the voice mails? are they forwarding to YouMail or another provider to give this access on my Hero any help would be appreciated at getting this information. I have already attempted to decompiled what HTC did with their app but it hasn't yielded any clear results as to how its being done i might be missing something but i am at a lost.
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    One just came out today for free in the app catalog
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    The Visual Voceimail app that came out today is for use with Google Voice, not the sprint voice mail system.
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    ^,^^And it's only free for 30 days; based on your gmail address. Yay for false advertising!
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    They need to add Trial to the title.
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    The dev team just posted on Twitter that the app has gone free once again while they work out subscriptions with Palm. If you have any questions (or gripes) about the pricing, you can reach them at @flpalmdev They are receptive and quick to respond.
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    yeah ugh i just realized.. i got excited for no reason.. sorry
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    Quote Originally Posted by Saundra23 View Post
    One just came out today for free in the app catalog
    not free! the app just asked me to pay 4.99 a month after the first month. this was after the 3rd time i opened it.
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    yea i dont get why its a trial. It's almost the same exact look as the V-mail portion of gDial Pro which is free and has every option that this has and probably more.

    gonna delete it and stick with gdial pro (free)
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    @flpalm is gdialpro dev, right?
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    there was a youmail app thats in beta, i signed up, and all you need is a free youmail account, you have to be in the beta program for it to work
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    I wonder if that's where sprint sends you for the visual voicemsil, i'll see if I can get a hold of someone there but I doubt they'd be willing to give up any info...
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    Guys. Don't worry.. YouMail is already working on delivering free visual voicemail to Palm Pre. Check out this article

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