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    how much of the linux part of webos is usable? i mean could we run stuff like irc eggdrops etc? im not sure i fully understand the part of webos and linux. is the pre basicly a linux machine with webos being a part of it or is webos basicly linux itself
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    Sounds like you should take a trip over to and read up. Probably just the info you are looking for.

    The Linux on the Pre is for embedded systems. Everything seems pretty standard with the exception of missing X-server. I'm not that familiar with non-intel Linux systems.
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    Your Pre wants Word Whirl from the App Catalog.

    It told me.
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    From what I can tell, WebOS is the GUI built on top of Linux. Seems like pretty standard Linux to me, but I haven't poked around that much. The WebOS Internals site has a lot more details, and pointers to all of these Optware packages which can be loaded to add more Linux features.
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    Yes, as Sacherjj pointed out WebOS is running a subset of a normal Desktop install of Linux and you could run anything that can be cross compiled on the ARM cpu for Linux (95+%? of apps). In fact you can run anything text/ directFB based you like today by installing Debian on your WebOS phone.

    Debian - WebOS Internals

    There are two notable things missing from making this a full linux platform though.. This would be a huge win for the WebOS platform if someone can overcome these two things!!

    1. No one has published a way to run programs requiring the standard X11 (x windows) graphical interface.
    2. No one has published a way to get Touchscreen input from the driver.

    *Ameng seems to have solved both of these issues with a Webkit plugin (great idea!) but have yet to get my hands on any code: You could install this plugin, run FBVnc on WebOS, vncserver on Debian , and viola.

    Once these two items have been publicly solved, you theoretically could be running anything Linux you like: Gnome, Firefox, Thunderbird, OpenOffice, Pidgin, Nautilus File Manager, etc from your phone (memory permitting of course)
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    What im waiting is a webos app for ubuntu similar to the already existing palm os app

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