Hey Guys,

I never did get what people were talking about when the complained of slowness/lag when scrolling on the pre, not till i tried out an iPhone, damn its smooth . But im guessing thats due to much of the iPhones UI utilizing GPU whereas the pre does not and is solely relying on scripting languages for UI animations.

However, saw this in one thread by clipcarl (contacted him but no reply back), he posted this in a thread regarding lag when scrolling;

"I can second this.

I'm going to have to recompile the kernel with the timer frequency set at 1000Hz to see how much that helps. I have no idea why any device that is supposed to have decent interactive performance would have CONFIG_HZ set to only 100Hz."

I cetainly know that if he did ever try this he did not post the results back, so, a humble request, could anyone with a more technical knowhow possible undertake this and see if it helps?