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    I would love to see the ability to set a schedule of when it will check for emails like it did on my treo.. Like between 8am and 11pm.. I hate hearing the email notifications all nite long.. And I hate turning off the ringer at nite in case I get an emergency call..
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    I hate to drag up an old thread, but it seems this was never fulfilled. I am new to WebOS, and while I love all the options (and the patches, thank you Devs!!!), I truly miss one option from Windows Mobile: ActiveSync Scheduling

    I frequently get emails overnight, and it is truly a PITA to either manually turn off and turn back on my mail sync, frankly I forget to do one or the other like most people would. The option to set the schedule is a godsend.

    PLEASE, Someone take this up!
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    Mode Switcher will solve your problems.
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    That rocks! Thanks!
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    Similar request, is there a way (maybe with mode switcher?) to have certain folders checked? The way Exchange is implemented (and IMAP I believe) is that folders other than inbox only update when you open them. Unfortunately this leads to waiting minutes at times for a bunch of emails to load when searching for one in particular. Is there a patch that can auto update these folders at a certain time daily?

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